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Reusable False Eyelashes (Cruelty Free)

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These natural 3D faux mink lashes are gentle, dainty, and flirtatious! This set is very soft and lightweight. It is made with korean poly-fibers which are much softer than normal silk false lashes! Sterilized and hypoallergenic, our eyelashes are free from any chemical processing or dyes which ensures it is safe to use! Volume I is perfect for daily use from daytime to nighttime, in the office or even at home! The lash band, made of 100% black cotton thread, allows comfortable and prolonged wear without irritation. These lashes are great for enhancing your beautiful eye look!


  • High quality natural 3D faux mink lashes that will add fullness and length to your eye look.
  • 100% Cruelty-free Korean poly-fibers are used in these lashes. 100% black cotton thread is used on our lash band. Much softer than normal silk false lashes!
  • Reusable and sturdy lashes to wear multiple times with proper care. Store your lashes in our lash friendly packaging!
  • Comfortable fit for prolonged wear throughout the day.
  • Easy to apply with your preferred lash glue. Glue not included.


Price subject to update - Basis is updated Amazon price.

THE BOOK OF LASHES: Volume 1 - Via Amazon

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