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This alcohol free multi-benefit toner cleans, tones, refreshes, hydrates and promotes skin’s natural pH balance.

Formulated with Lilac Stem Cell with antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties to keep skin clear and calm, and Sea Daffodil to help inhibit unwanted pigmentation and deliver a luminous, even skin tone.

Benefits: PH Balance, Luminous glow, Alcohol-free

Balancing Toner

SKU: 004
  • A unique blend of 16 high-performance botanicals in an optimized delivery system that leaves skin clean, clear and glowing. Formulated with rare fruit and flower phyto-stem cells that act as natural liposomes, delivering the spot-free, radiant anti-aging results exclusive to Olivia Quido formulas.

    All Skin Types - Gentle and effective for all skin types from dry to oily. Balancing Toner works well with other treatment and is an essential step to all Olivia Quido regimens.

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